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My other works

"If Hana is not busy with researching and teaching, you will see her writing books, taking photos, playing guitar, and bringing smiles to children"



BSTC_Bring Smiles to Children

Founder of BSTC | 2012 - Present

BSTC is a volunteer group established in July 2012. With the slogan: "Bring smiles to children", BSTC has organized many activities to bring happiness to disadvantaged children in many remote areas in Vietnam.


Book author

My books "If I Want Us Back, will you say yes?" and "Poem for kid learning to speak" have spread across national bookstores and e-commerce websites such as Amazon,,,,...

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Traveler and photographer

My Instagram accounts with more than 2,000 followers, where I shared my photographs and travel experiences.


Freelancer writer

During my time in Taiwan, I still kept taking photos and writing about Taiwan's destinations and culture, which have been published in several reputed newspapers and magazines in Vietnam. In 2019, one of my short stories has been selected as part of the book "生,從此生到來生".

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